A squeaky floor repair is giving your floors a much-needed tune-up. You can silence those annoying creaks and groans that disrupt the peace. It is similar to restoring harmony to your home so you can walk through your property without a sound.

How Common Are Squeaky Floors?

Squeaky floors are a fairly normal problem in many homes, especially in older houses with wooden floorboards or joists. The development of such floor creaks is due to the factors such as:

  • The settling of the house
  • Changes in humidity
  • Wear and tear over time

Moreover, improper installation or insufficient subfloor support can also result in squeaky floors in both new and old constructions. Noisy floors do not always indicate structural damage but they can be annoying. This evokes a desperate need for repair.

What Type of Contractor Fixes Squeaky Floors?

A local floor installer or a construction company can be a wise choice when it comes to floor squeak fixes. They are all well aware of the necessary steps to lay a floor, which makes fixing a problematic floor a lot easier. You only need to ensure that the construction company you hire has experience with your kind of flooring.

How Do Professionals Fix Squeaky Floors?

A seasoned construction company has expert handymen who lay the floors. Therefore, they are best at tackling every problem from the root. They might take the following steps for a proper and durable repair.

  • Assessment

    The first step is to assess the source of the creaky noises. This can include walking across the floor to pinpoint the exact spots where the noise originates.

  • Subfloor Inspection

    The construction team can access the subfloor beneath the squeaky locations. They do it to recognize any problems, such as loose subfloor panels or improper support.

  • Tightening Subfloor

    If the subfloor is loose, the construction team will secure it. They will add screws or adhesive to make the connection between the subfloor and floor joists strong.

  • Adding Support

    Extra support can be required to reinforce the floor structure and diminish squeaks in some cases. This includes installing a bridge between floor joists or adding shims to level uneven areas.

  • Lubrication

    Sometimes, friction between floorboards or subfloor panels is the reason behind noise. Applying lubricants, like talcum powder or specialized floor lubricants, can help minimize friction and silence creaks.

  • Fastening Floorboards

    If individual floorboards are the source of squeaks, the construction team can consider securing them. They do so, with the help of screws or nails to prevent movement and reduce noise.

  • Replacement

    Professional repairers can replace the floorboards or subfloor if they are damaged beyond repair. Noise elimination might not be possible without carrying out a replacement.

  • Finishing Touches

    After completing the necessary repairs, the construction team will ensure that the floor is properly leveled. They will double-check the finished floor to restore its appearance and functionality.

Concluding Thoughts

A creaky floor might be a big deal. But the creaks and noises it creates can meddle with the peace around. It can be a do-it-yourself task but won’t work as a long-term solution or eliminate the noise from its origin.

You can contact our reliable handyman at Qamar Construction for squeaky floor repair. Zain and his team have been performing various home and commercial remodeling tasks for 25 years in the industry. Call us at (832) 766-9246 for consultation.

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