If you’ve ever thought about making updates to your building’s appearance or layout, you’ve probably heard the words renovation, remodel, and restore thrown around a lot. What is the difference between these terms, and which one do you need for your project? Today we’ll discuss building renovation.

What is Building Renovation?

Building renovation is updating a building to fix minor damages and make cosmetic improvements. Renovations tackle the aesthetic appeal of a building, rather than structural issues. Common renovation projects include painting, replacing cabinets or countertops, installing new flooring, patching drywall, and updating doors and trim.

When to Renovate vs Remodel

As we discussed, renovating is the process of updating the aesthetic features of the building. Remodeling, however, involves making structural changes to the building. For example, removing or adding walls and adding a bathroom are both common remodeling projects. Remodeling usually tackles more functional issues, like fixing the layout.

When to Renovate
If your home or building still serves your functional needs, like having the right floor plan, amount of rooms, and enough storage, but you’d like it to appear less dated and more aesthetically pleasing, renovation is the option for you.

There is no one “perfect” time to renovate, but common times for renovations include before moving into a new home or office, before selling your home, after you’ve occupied the same building for 5-10 years and would like a change, or after a company rebranding.

When to Remodel
Remodeling is necessary when the layout or structure of the building no longer serves your functional needs. Maybe you’d like to adjust the office atmosphere from many small offices to an open concept collaborative space. Remodeling is also needed when a building is no longer ADA compliant or does not meet the building codes for your area.

Building Renovation in Houston, TX

If you believe that your building is ready for building renovation in Houston, TX, it’s important to choose a trustworthy contractor that you trust. Find a building renovation contractor in Houston, TX, with experience, good reviews, and the ability to meet your needs and specifications.

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