The kitchen is a pivot around which the whole house revolves; a place where families meet and greet together and have a good time. Other than that, from an asset point of view, the kitchen has the ability to add toward the curb appeal. Have a look around your kitchen; it is time to ramp up its looks. Let’s start with the most vital part, a cabinet. How many types of kitchen cabinets are there?

Types of Kitchen Cabinets


Who does not love wood? It gives the whole image a sense of sophistication. Louvered kitchen cabinets have horizontal slats of wood. Typically they are found on windows, furniture, or interior doors; however, recently, they are making their way into kitchen cabinets too.

These types of kitchen cabinets give adequate ventilation because most of the doors have spaces between each slat. This information is suitable to keep in mind when you areremodelinga cabinet near the radiator, a pantry cabinet, etc.


Shaker is the most popular style for kitchen cabinets. It consists of a five piece flat panel making up a frame and a single flat panel attached as the fifth piece. This is on trend because of its simplicity and chic look in both traditional and contemporary designs.

What makes shaker kitchen cabinets different from other types are paneled doors with rail frames, solid construction of best quality wood, and designs.

As far as the material used is concerned, shaker style kitchen cupboards come in high-quality American wood, especially the ones found in the northeastern US. Cherry, hickory, maple, and quarter sawn oak are mostly sought for making this cabinet.


If your vision is an antique style kitchen, amongst many types, distressed kitchen cabinets are your answer. Distressed cabinets are available in any door style, with their corners rubbed off to create an old feel. There are many distressing techniques that manufacturers and remodelers apply.


Beads in this name refer to the rows of vertical planks with ridges between each blank. Beadboard cabinets offer a better look to the kitchen than other styles, like flat cupboards. What beads do is give this door a different texture making it suitable for a cottage style kitchen or a farmhouse.

We understand that all white cupboards go almost perfectly with a cottage style kitchen; however, do weigh the pros and cons since cracks and crevasses easily appear in this style which are hard to clean.

Custom Style

If none of the types of kitchen cabinets meet your expectations, there is always an option to go custom. Get in touch with your local contractor, explain your outlook and make your personalized kitchen cabinet design.


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