5 Star Reviews from our customers

When we start a project, we make sure we deliver on time and fulfill the expectations of our clients.

My PCP For Life Clinic in Crone was Challenging renovation scope of work, Because the clinic was operational 7 days a week and Zain from Qamar Construction, I don’t know how they managed to renovate the clinic while the clinic was running. They renovate the clinic in 4 Phases. Best Construction Team In town. Thank you Zain.
Dr. Karimjee

I am glad and very satisfied with Zain and his Construction team, they did fabulous job on my Savanna lakes Dental Clinic.
Dr. Jafry

I am a real estate investor in Texas living in California. I have been working with Zain and his team for the last three years. I buy old properties and Qamar Construction helps me to remodel these properties for resale; working as per my expectations at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Qamar Construction.
Salim Rehman

I really wanted to have a room addition before Christmas. It was after thanksgiving that I met with Zain to discuss about my project. I was afraid that they wouldn’t complete the project on time. As promised, they finished the room a couple of days earlier than they had promised, giving me enough time to decorate the room for Christmas.
Michael Pena

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