A flooded basement is a consequence that occurs after a heavy rain spell and is no less than a nightmare. Multiple factors cause this issue apart from rainfall; this includes a pipe burst, lack of proper foundation, or even a broken heater. This blog discusses how to properly cleanup a flooded basement.

The good news is that you do not have to deal with the basement flooding up yourself. You can call the professionals to deal with this menace.

Why Should You Call A Professional To Clean A Flooded Basement?

It all depends on the severity of the flood that has taken place. Call a few professionals to stop the leakage. Firstly, ensure that your basement is safe for entering. Second, the main task is to find the place from where the water is leaking into the basement after rain or any other reason mentioned above. To do that, you require the aid of a plumber.

If the water level is high enough that it reaches electrical wiring or ports, you must turn off the power supply before stepping in to avoid the risk of an electrical shock.

Make sure to call an electrician for this purpose; you can’t take any risks. If you have significant damage to the carpets or walls from water sitting there for an extended period, then a restoration service is your best bet. They are experienced in flooded basement cleanup.

When surveying the damage and attempting to remove the water yourself, things can take an ugly turn. Leave it to the pros to handle this job’s stress and strain.

What to Do Before Cleanup If the Basement Is Flooded?

If you do not take prompt action, the water can cause molds which are hazardous to health. Here are the steps you should take after calling professional help and locating the leak.

Call the insurance company
Notify your insurance agency about the flooding in your basement. Moreover, ask what they cover and what you will be paying for.

Pump out the water
Next, pumping out all the excessive water via a pool pump or wet vacuum would do. If both options are unavailable, rent a gas-powered water pump to cleanup your flooded basement.

Dehumidify the area
Excess water dramatically increases the overall humidity of the area which may lead to issues like mold growth. Therefore, getting rid of the excess moisture in the space is crucial. With a dehumidifier, you can use fans to speed up the process.

Throw Away All Porous Items
This category of items includes rugs or carpets, books, clothing material, furniture, etc. If you have a drywall check it thoroughly as it can grow mold on the inside after extended water exposure.

Wash hose walls or floors that suffered from flood

It does not matter if your basement flooded due to fresh rainwater; your cleanup must include sanitization and deodorization of any area that was flooded.


Due diligence is crucial in such instances. Taking risks will only cause harm; get started with flood restoration immediately. We advise getting a professional involved as soon as possible. Qamar Constructions is one of the best in this business; contact us at 832-766-9246.

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