Working with the right contractor is important if you’re planning to renovate your existing dental office or construct a brand new one. Besides influencing the flow of your business, it can also impact what your patients feel about your practice.

Before you sign the contract for your project, make sure you have positive answers from your contractor for these questions.

1. Do they have experience with dental/medical projects?
Previous experience in designing and constructing dental or medical practices is necessary to ensure your project meets the design and safety standards and complies with the local regulations.
The sad part here is that many design/companies with no prior knowledge of medical projects try to onboard dental design projects.
Significant factors of dental design, such as DDA requirements that may include easy access for the disabled and specific space behind doors, should be considered when planning the initial design of the floor. Failing to fulfill the crucial details can hold up your business for days or even months.

2. Do they use reliable trades?
Tendering your dental construction project may look like a perfect plan in terms of cost, but the lowest bidder may not provide the high quality and creativeness that you’re looking for. Therefore, it’s much better to work with a contractor that provides reliable services at a little higher cost.
When working with the same people over the years, you can quickly analyze their working attitudes and offer what they need to complete the job accurately and productively. Communication also becomes stronger and open if you have good ties with the contractor.

3. Do they have positive user reviews from previous projects?
User reviews and references to a business play an integral part in its sustainability and growth. And they are equally important to the portfolio of a company. Looking at the beautiful pictures of a contractor’s previous projects shouldn’t be enough to convince you to hire them. Ask the contractor if they can provide you with contact details of a client they have previously worked with so you can listen to their experience before handing over your dental renovation/construction project.
Remember that any trustworthy construction company wouldn’t hesitate to offer you references so you can have an idea about the company’s previous projects before handing over the job.

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Collaborating with a trustworthy and experienced dental construction and remodeling company gives you the peace of mind that you’re working with industry experts. Moreover, you may have higher chances of retaining your current patients and attracting new ones. We hope you give Qamar Construction an opportunity to be your dental design and construct provider for your future projects.

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