What is Flood/Fire Restoration?

Flood and fire restoration is the process of cleaning up debris or damaged material leftover after a flood/fire, fixing the affected areas of the home and protecting the home to prevent further damage.


Fire Restoration

Fire restoration services are used after a home has undergone a destructive fire. These experts use industrial grade equipment and products, like filters and vacuums, to clean and restore the home from its damages. They often need to remove residual water that was used to put out the fire and clean the entire affected area to prevent mold growth, which can cause serious health problems.

Fire restoration specialists may have to discard damaged items that are beyond repair such as furniture, carpets, and fixtures. Beyond repairing and cleaning the home, they’re also in charge of inspecting the home to find other possible safety hazards and updating the home to prevent a disaster from happening again.

It’s important to call fire restoration experts right away, even if the damage does not appear to be severe. Insurance companies are more likely to approve your claims if they’re made directly after the fire, and fire restoration services can help you document the damage to make filing accurate claims easier.


Flood Restoration

Flood restoration services, also known as water damage restoration, are used after water intrusion has caused damage to your home. Since water can cause serious structural damage to a home, it’s important to call services immediately. Flood restoration is typically considered an emergency service.

Flood restoration specialists will remove any standing water from the home, as well as water that may have been absorbed into porous materials like drywall and carpet. The deeper water seeps into your home, the more areas will need to be torn out and repaired, costing you a lot more money. So, flood restoration services, if brought in early enough, will work to remove the water until it can cause serious damage.

Once the water is gone, they will work to repair the affected areas of the home and have it looking better than before the disaster struck.


Flood/Fire Restoration in Houston, TX

Natural disasters are always devastating, but flood/fire restoration in Houston, TX can help alleviate some of the stress. If you or someone you know suffers a floor or fire in their home or building, call us right away.

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