The kitchen is the heart of every household; it is a junction where numerous memories are made, and making it functional and organized is crucial for a happy cooking experience. If your space is cramming up, think about getting it remodeled to make the most out of your kitchen space.

9 Ways To Enhance Space In Your Kitchen

Keep these pointers in mind.

1. Revamp the Pantry

Don’t waste your pantry space! Installing pull-out drawers and racks can maximize its use. Other than that, shallow shelves on the inside of pantry doors are perfect for storing spices and canned goods while keeping them easily visible.

2. Introduce a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are the OG space savers. They help provide extra cabinet storage, ample space for food prep, etc. You can add to its functionality by getting wire baskets to store kitchen tools or a butcher-block top for a built-in cutting board.

3. Use Wall and Ceiling Space

You can easily free up some shelf space by hanging items on hooks, such as pots, pans, cutlery, and kitchen decor. The advantage of hooks on walls or cabinets is the easy reach of frequently used items.

4. Plan Your Layout

The layout is an essential part of the entire remodeling project. The main distance to check is between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Their correct placement ensures seamless cooking flow. You can also opt for the infamous L-shaped layout, a customer favorite for its practicality. However, other options like the one-wall, galley, or island kitchen layouts can work wonders too.

5. Utilize All Available Space

Do not leave an inch that is not functional. Decorative baskets and containers above cabinets are a valuable asset providing extra storage. Additionally, open shelves are versatile and are useful for both storage and display.

6. Remodel Existing Cabinets

One way of maximizing storage is considering going for custom pull-out drawers and additional shelving for your existing cabinets. Want easy access to the items in the back, pull-out drawers are here for the rescue. Plus, think about extra shelves as a double area for your storage capacity without taking up more space.

7. Do Not let Go Of Under-Sink Storage

More often than not, the space present under the sink is not thought about much. But it can become a treasure chest of storage if used correctly. You can install a pull-out trash can to hide messes and odors, along with a tilt-down drawer under the sink is ideal for sponges and dish brushes.

8. Create Recessed Storage

For a more extensive remodeling project, consider creating a recessed pantry or storage space between wall studs. This reclaimed space adds valuable storage without expanding the kitchen’s footprint.

9. Utilize Hidden Spaces

Do not ignore the hidden nooks and corners in your kitchen. Some areas, like the gap between the refrigerator and the wall, can be transformed into a clever storage spot for cleaning tools.

Closing Note

Talk to experts from Qamar Construction before starting your project to get the proper layout and more information on factors to deal with. Dial (832) 766-9246 to connect with us!

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