A roof is one of the essentials of building a home and a critical construction component. The choice of an appropriate roof is crucial for more than just the curb appeal but also for well-being of the house. If you are in search of a new roof, a standing seam metal roof might be the right option for you, here’s why.

10 Advantages of Using A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Making the right call is of prime importance; here are some pros of a standing seam metal roof:

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Have Concealed Fasteners

Concealed fasteners are installed for standing seam metal roof. This gives the owner a clean image since their fasteners are not visible to the eye, ultimately making them pleasing to look at. Additionally, the good news is that ultraviolet rays, moisture, and wind would not affect them. One of the reasons a metal roof can leak is due to holes in screws. The good news is your metal roof safe since it has no screws, to begin with.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Is Tight

There are two types of fastening systems. In this type the panels are concealed fastener roofing panels, an extra weather-tight roofing system. Knowing the the difference between the two will help you get what you want for your household.

It Is Low Maintenance

Other roof systems, such as tiles, are difficult to cater to and maintain. At the same time, a standing seamless metal roof is a great choice for installation. What makes it the best?

  • There is no need to check repeatedly for loose or fasteners that are damaged because they are weather-tight.
  • Other than that, thermal flow is adequate, meaning the expansion and contraction of fasteners won’t budge. This is where concealed ones come into play.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Has Good Lifespan

A standing seam metal roof is also known as a “Lifetime Roof.” This means that it is a one-time purchase in your life a house. Although it will put a dent in your pocket, the investment will last a lifetime.

This roof can easily last up to 40 to 80 years if we talk in numbers. The reason behind this is that a metal roof will withstand extreme climates and even high winds. Moreover, collapsing is not a concern during a snowstorm or torrential rain.

The Curb Appeal of metal roofing

It offers roof transformation, the entire look of your home. It is instant eye candy. We know looks are not everything; standing seam metal roofing has them. For those who want a clean and chic design, this one is for you.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels Are Fire Resistant

The homes that go for a metal roof stay safe from the devastating damage from a fire in its entirety. The reason behind this issue becoming repetitive is the temperature change and climate disturbances.

Standing Seam Roofing Is An Energy Saver

It won’t be wrong to call a metal roof a cool roof, both literally and figuratively. They are made using cooling metal coils, hence the less temperature. It easily reflects the heat and radiation from the sun, keeping your home relatively cooler and saving up on AC costs.

Final Words

We hope that these 7 pros are convincing enough to get a metal roof for your house for a lifetime. However, take our expert’s words, and call one from Qamar Constructions at (832) 766-9246 for more information.

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