A hospital construction alone costs anywhere from $90 to $160 million. Hence, you can easily expect a clinic construction to fall in the $10-30 million range, owing to the high cost of machines, equipment, setup, and renovation. But hey, don’t get disheartened if you believe that cost is a restraint to your lifelong dream of establishing a medical practice at a clinic.

We have got you covered with our four tips to mitigate some high construction costs. Let’s get started.

Proceed with a Plan

You might be surprised, but expenses can arise out of nowhere as the construction progresses. Hence, you need a clear-cut plan for your clinic layout from the start. Get down with your financial planner and work out your clinic’s entire structure and design. You must be aware of what you need in your clinic to arrive at an approximate cost.

Let your financial advisor know your budget so that you can spread the entire construction cost within the specified limit. If you come up with a good plan, you’ll be able to track all your expenditures as the construction progresses.

Efficient Design

As they say that efficiency saves cost, you can also factor this in the syntax of clinic construction. You need to start by reviewing your architect plan and seeing any possible wasted spaces. Some examples of achieving efficient designs include:

  • Create open spaces
  • Merge different departments if they use similar equipment

Patient satisfaction must be your priority. Hence, you must look for cost-cutting designs that ultimately bring comfort to patients.

Look for Cheap Ways

Let’s talk about some ways to reduce your overall construction-related cost. Firstly, you may shift to inexpensive alternative materials with the same benefits as their counterparts. Well, graphite tiles may sound fancy, but they can be hard on your pocket. Hence, it’s better to ask your contractor to search for cheap materials that are more like graphite but way cheaper.
Similarly, it’s unnecessary to buy an entire land to build your clinic. You can even lease a place or buy an existing building to start your clinic. But what are their benefits? For starters, you don’t have to start from scratch. Moreover, expanding in such buildings is also cheap, and you have to only worry about the renovation.

However, just make sure that these building structures are well supported.

Go for a Standardized Design

If you’re on a budget, it’s unnecessary to create something new that may cost massive. There are several standard clinic designs, floor plans, and layouts out there for you to get started. You may even ask your contractors for such designs, and they may be able to quote an approximate cost for such design construction.

Therefore, instead of going for something grandeur, aesthetic, and exclusive, use something already on the market and save some bucks.

Save on Costs with Qamar Construction!

Clinic construction costs can go beyond measures. But with the tips listed above, you can certainly save on some bills. However, if you’re clueless about where to begin, get in touch with Qamar Construction – experts in the construction arena in Texas.

With us, get your dream of constructing a clinic come true.

Reach out today!

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